Honda GX160 Spark Plug Gap, Number & Socket Size Guide 2024

When it comes to the heart of your Honda GX160, the spark plug plays an integral, though often overlooked role. It’s not just about plugging in any old component; you need a specific gap, number, and socket size for optimal performance of your engine.

That’s where we come in. In this guide, we’ll navigate you through Honda GX160 spark plug gap, number, and socket size with ease. We understand that fine-tuning your engine is more than mere mechanics; it’s about being part of a community of Honda GX160 owners who take pride in their machines’ smooth operation.

So let’s dive deep into the world of spark plugs – discussing gaps and numbers and demystifying socket sizes – all tailored specifically for your beloved Honda GX160. Trust us, armed with this knowledge, you’ll be ready to handle any Honda Gx160 spark plug related task like a pro!

A Guide To Honda Gx160 Spark Plug Gap, Number & Socket Size

Key Takeaways

  • The spark plug gap for the Honda GX160 engine should be between 0.028′ and 0.031′.
  • The recommended spark plug number for the Honda GX160 is BPR6ES (NGK) 98079-56846 / W20EPR-U (DENSO) 98079-56855 or an equivalent.
  • The socket size for the Honda GX160 spark plug is 13/16′ (21mm).
  • It is important to use the correct spark plug specifications for efficient combustion, better fuel economy, and to avoid stripping the spark plug with the wrong-sized wrench.
  • Owner´s manual –


You’ll be relieved to know that the Honda GX160 spark plug gap is between 0.028’– 0.031′, with the spark plug number being BPR6ES (NGK) 98079-56846 / W20EPR-U (DENSO) 98079-56855 or equivalent, making your maintenance tasks a breeze.

This information isn’t merely trivial; it’s instrumental in ensuring your engine performs optimally.

Understanding the importance of these specifications, let’s delve deeper into what they imply for you and your Honda GX160 engine. The spark plug gap refers to the distance between the center and side electrodes of your spark plug, which directly impacts how well your spark ignites the fuel-air mixture within your engine’s combustion chamber.

A correctly gapped spark plug ensures efficient combustion, leading to more power and better fuel economy.

Meanwhile, knowing the correct number equips you with invaluable knowledge when replacing worn-out plugs or shopping for spares. The NGK BPR6ES and DENSO W20EPR-U are renowned for their reliable performance and durability; however, any equivalent model would do just fine as long as it meets the specified standards.

Remember this: You’re not just performing routine maintenance – you’re preserving an integral part of a machine that propels you forward every day. So embrace these specifics as vital tools in keeping your Honda GX160 engine running smoothly and efficiently without compromise.


To replace the ignition component in your engine, you’ll need a tool with a 13/16′ (21mm) fitting – it’s just as crucial as having the correct part! The socket size is more than just a random number; it’s an essential detail that ensures you can correctly and safely remove or install your Honda GX160 spark plug.

Having the right socket size means less struggle. It fits snugly to allow a smooth loosening and tightening process.

Using the correct tool reduces the risk of damage. A wrong-sized wrench could strip the spark plug, making future replacements difficult.

Finally, proper tools assure safety during maintenance tasks.

So remember, when dealing with Honda GX160 engines, stick to using sockets that are 13/16′ (21mm). This isn’t just some trivial data point from an owner’s manual – this is about your journey towards becoming proficient in caring for your equipment, something we all aspire to be in our respective fields of interest.

Remembering these small but significant details doesn’t only reflect attention to precision but also respect for your work and passion for maintaining optimal performance of machines under your care. You’re not merely following instructions – you’re ensuring quality workmanship fueled by knowledge and expertise!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average lifespan of a Honda GX160 spark plug?

In the grand symphony of engine maintenance, your Honda GX160 spark plug usually lasts 200 hours. However, remember that frequency of use and care can significantly impact its lifespan.

How do I properly maintain my Honda GX160 spark plug to ensure optimal performance?

To maintain your Honda GX160 spark plug, regularly check its condition and clean off any deposits. Ensure the gap is correctly set for optimal performance. Replace it every year or after 200 hours of use.

What are the signs that I need to replace my Honda GX160 spark plug?

Oh, the joys of engine maintenance! If your Honda GX160 is struggling to start, misfiring, or you’ve noticed a decrease in fuel efficiency, it’s high time to replace that worn-out spark plug.

Can I use a spark plug from a different brand in my Honda GX160 engine?

Yes, you can use a different brand’s spark plug in your Honda GX160 engine. However, ensure it matches the specifications recommended by Honda for optimal performance. Always remember, the right fit makes a difference.

What potential problems could arise if the spark plug gap is incorrectly set on a Honda GX160 engine?

If you incorrectly set the spark plug gap on your Honda GX160, it could lead to poor engine performance, misfires, difficulty starting the engine, and increased fuel consumption. Ensure it’s set correctly for optimal function.


So, you’ve mastered the art of the Honda GX160 spark plug gap and number, huh? You’re practically a pro now!

And who’d have thought that the socket size would be such a crucial piece of info? Well, you did.

Now you can easily navigate through your engine maintenance with ease. So go on, show off your newfound knowledge. After all, not everyone can claim to be a spark plug expert!

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