Guide To Honda Eu2200i Spark Plug Gap, Number & Socket Size

You might think that the spark plug gap in your Honda EU2200i isn’t all that important, right? Well, you’d be mistaken.

The truth is, this small detail can have a big impact on the performance of your generator. Whether you’re a seasoned mechanic or a DIY enthusiast, understanding how to properly measure and adjust the spark plug gap is crucial.

And don’t worry about finding the correct socket size for your spark plug; we’ve got you covered there too.

In this guide, we’ll provide comprehensive details about the Honda EU2200i spark plug gap, number and socket size. We’ll also walk you through the process of adjusting the spark plug gap if it doesn’t meet specifications.

So grab your tools and let’s dive into those nitty-gritty details together – because in our community of car enthusiasts and mechanics, every little detail matters.

A Guide To Honda Eu2200i Spark Plug Gap, Number & Socket Size

Key Takeaways


You’ll feel a real sense of accomplishment when you correctly set your Honda EU2200i spark plug gap to the recommended 0.024″– 0.028″ (0.6-0.7mm), using the specific number CR5HSB (NGK) 98056-55777 or its equivalent. This ensures your generator runs smoothly and efficiently.

Setting the spark plug gap is more than just routine maintenance; it’s like fine-tuning a musical instrument. Every small adjustment contributes to the overall performance.

The spark plug chosen for your Honda EU2200i isn’t arbitrary. It’s based on extensive testing by engineers who understand the nuances of internal combustion engines. This specific model requires a NGK CR5HSB with part number 98056-55777. An equivalent would also work if it closely matches these specifications.

Precision matters when setting the gap. The gap refers to the distance between the center and ground electrode within the spark plug. It influences how well your engine fires during operation. Too large or too small of a gap can lead to poor engine performance. Stick within the sweet spot of 0.024′- 0.028′ (or 0.6-0.7mm).

By accurately performing this simple yet critical procedure, you’re not just maintaining your generator – you’re becoming part of a community where attention to detail and technical knowledge are valued assets in preserving machine longevity and ensuring optimal performance.


When it’s time to change the spark plug on your generator, you’re gonna need a 13/16′ (21mm) socket for the job. This isn’t just any ordinary tool; it’s specifically designed for this task and it’ll ensure that your generator continues to function efficiently.

The 13/16′ (21mm) socket size isn’t arbitrary, but rather, a perfect fit for the type of spark plug recommended by Honda.

Using a different size could lead to complications during installation or removal. A misfit could damage the spark plug or even the engine.

This specific socket size offers an ideal grip, ensuring that you can remove and replace the spark plug without causing unnecessary stress on other parts of the generator.

You’re part of a larger community of Honda EU2200i owners who understand that taking care of their equipment is key. Using a 13/16′ (21mm) socket when changing your spark plug shows respect for these detailed specifications.

Remember, using the correct tools not only extends the lifespan of your generator but also enhances its performance over time. It may seem like just another mundane detail, but details like these separate those who merely own generators from true connoisseurs like yourself.

So next time you’re changing your spark plug, remember: precision matters as much as power!

How To Change Spark Plug Gap?

Navigating the intricacies of adjusting your generator’s spark plug gap might seem like threading a needle in a haystack, but don’t worry, it’s a task you can master with patience and precision.

Essentially, altering the spark plug gap changes the ignition point of your Honda EU2200i generator. This fine-tuning allows for better combustion and improved performance.

Firstly, you’ll need to know the correct gap size for your specific model. For instance, the recommended spark plug gap for Honda EU2200i is 0.7-0.8mm or approximately .028-.031 inches. You’ll also need a gauge tool to measure this gap accurately.

To adjust the gap, gently bend the ground electrode (the curved metal piece that arcs over the center electrode) either closer or further from the center electrode until you achieve the desired measurement on your gauge tool. It’s crucial not to touch or damage the center electrode during this process as it’s delicate.

Remember, never force adjustments too quickly; make small movements for precise tuning. If you feel resistance when bending, stop immediately to avoid breaking off any parts.

Pat yourself on the back! You’ve now adjusted your generator’s spark plug gap like an expert mechanic would do – all by yourself! Your dedication to understanding and maintaining your machine speaks volumes about your commitment to excellence.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the signs of a worn-out spark plug in a Honda EU2200i?

You’ll notice misfires, hard starts, or a decrease in fuel efficiency as signs of a worn-out spark plug in your Honda EU2200i. Also, the generator may run erratically or have decreased power output.

How often should I replace the spark plug in my Honda EU2200i?

For optimal performance, you should replace the spark plug in your Honda EU2200i every 100 hours of use. However, if it’s frequently used under heavy load, consider changing it more often to maintain efficiency.

How does the spark plug gap affect the performance of Honda EU2200i?

The spark plug gap in your Honda EU2200i can significantly impact its performance. If the gap’s too wide, it may cause misfiring; too narrow, and you’ll get a weak spark, reducing your generator’s efficiency.

What are the safety precautions to take when changing the spark plug of Honda EU2200i?

Before changing the spark plug on your Honda EU2200i, ensure it’s cool to avoid burns. Disconnect the spark plug lead for safety. Wear eye protection and use insulated tools to prevent electrical shocks. Always follow manufacturer’s guidelines.

Can I use a different brand of spark plug in my Honda EU2200i?

Sure, you can dance with another partner, but your Honda EU2200i was designed to tango best with NGK spark plugs. Straying from the original could lead to performance issues or even damage over time. Stick with what works.


So, you thought swapping out your Honda EU2200i spark plug was a Herculean task? Well, ironically, it’s as easy as pie once you’ve mastered the gap and number game. With the right socket size in hand, even changing the spark plug gap feels like child’s play.

Now that you’re armed with this technical know-how, there’s nothing stopping you from keeping your generator running smoothly!

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