Honda GCV170 Spark Plug Gap, Number & Socket Size Guide

Ever wondered about the specifics of tuning up your Honda GCV170 engine? You’re in the right place.

In this guide, we’ve got all the technical details you need to know about Honda GCV170 spark plug gap, number, and socket size. We’ll be delving into accurate data representation to ensure you get every detail correctly for optimal performance. Trust us; it’s not as complicated as it may sound.

With our help, you’ll feel like a part of this community of do-it-yourself enthusiasts who take pride in taking care of their machines.

So let’s dive right in and learn more about what makes your Honda GCV170 run at its best!

A Guide To Honda GCV170 Spark Plug Gap, Number & Socket Size Guide

Key Takeaways

  • NGK BPR6ES (98079-56846) or equivalent spark plug is recommended for the Honda GCV170 engine.
  • The spark plug gap should be set between 0.028′ – 0.030′ for optimal engine performance.
  • The socket size required for the spark plug installation or removal is 13/16′ or 21mm.
  • Using the correct spark plug, gap, and socket size is crucial to prevent damage, ensure proper fit, and maintain engine efficiency and longevity.
  • Owner´s manual –


For your Honda GCV170, you’ll need a BPR6ES (NGK) 98079-56846 spark plug or equivalent. The spark plug gap should be set at 0.028″– 0.030″. This is the manufacturer’s recommendation, and it’s crucial to adhere to this specification for optimal engine performance.

The right spark plug type ensures that your engine runs smoothly, boosting its efficiency and longevity.

Let’s delve into some details about what these numbers mean. BPR6ES is the model number by NGK – one of the most reputable spark plug manufacturers in the industry. The digits following, 98079-56846, are specific to this model and indicate its unique design features and specifications pertinent to pressure washer applications.

The gap refers to the distance between the center electrode and ground electrode on your spark plug. You want this gap set correctly at 0.028′ – 0.030′ because it directly influences how well your Honda GCV170 will function – too wide or narrow could lead to misfires or reduced power output respectively.

Remember, using an incorrect spark plug or improper gap can affect not only performance but also fuel consumption levels and emission rates from your engine. Hence, it emphasizes why adherence to these guidelines is so essential within our community of Honda owners who value quality performance and environmental responsibility alike.


You’ll need a 13/16′ (or 21mm) socket to properly install or remove your engine’s spark plug. This specific size is recommended for the Honda GCV170 engine, as indicated in the official Honda manuals. Having the correct tool not only ensures a proper fit but also reduces the risk of damaging the spark plug during installation or removal.

Here are some key points to remember:

  1. The right socket size is crucial: Using a socket that’s too big or small could damage your spark plug or even strip its threads, causing it to become stuck in your engine.
  2. Use quality tools: Low-quality tools may deform over time and give an incorrect fit. So invest in good-quality sockets and wrenches.
  3. Safety first: Always make sure the engine is cool before attempting to change the spark plug, as hot parts could cause burns.

Remember, knowing how to maintain your Honda GCV170 engine can save you from unnecessary expenses down the road and will ensure that it runs optimally for many years. Using a 13/16′ (or 21mm) socket for changing spark plugs is one such maintenance task that requires attention to detail and careful handling. It’s part of what makes owning these engines truly rewarding.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average lifespan of a spark plug in a Honda GCV170?

Imagine your Honda GCV170 humming smoothly, thanks to its spark plug. On average, this little engine powerhouse lasts about 100 hours of operation. Yet, it’s always wise to check regularly for optimal performance.

How do I know when the spark plug of my Honda GCV170 needs to be replaced?

You’ll know your Honda GCV170’s spark plug needs replacing when it misfires, experiences trouble starting, or runs unevenly. Regular visual inspections for wear and deposits also aid in timely replacement to maintain optimal performance.

What are the signs of a faulty spark plug in a Honda GCV170?

You’ll notice signs of a faulty spark plug in your Honda GCV170 if it’s hard to start, lacks power, consumes more fuel than usual or the engine misfires. Regular checks are key to optimal performance.

Can using a spark plug with the wrong gap size damage my Honda GCV170 engine?

Absolutely, using a spark plug with the incorrect gap can damage your Honda GCV170 engine. It can disrupt the ignition timing, cause misfires, and ultimately lead to costly engine repairs or even failure.

Are there any specific brands of spark plugs that are recommended or compatible with the Honda GCV170 engine?

Yes, for your Honda GCV170 engine, I recommend NGK spark plugs. They’re specifically designed for Honda engines and ensure optimal performance. Always remember to check the correct model number before purchase.


You’ve learned the specifics of your Honda GCV170’s spark plug gap, number, and socket size. This knowledge isn’t just a simple tune-up fact, it’s the key to maintaining your engine’s health.

So don’t just store this data away; apply it and let it empower you in safeguarding your machine’s performance. Remember, knowing the right specs isn’t just about details, it’s about longevity and efficiency too.

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